Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year 2019!

As we close out a hard 2018 for mom with the loss of JB, we ponder the thought......should we resurrect JB's blog and pass the torch of head honcho kitty to Chester?  He is indisposed at the moment, MOL!
Purrhaps we will think about doing a once a week post.  What do you all think?  Stay tuned while mom decides if she has the bandwidth to help us blog again!  It's not all about buns, ya know!   Bring on 2019! 

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The House is So Quiet Now

As somebun once wrote, every story has a beginning, a middle and an end.  I never wanted to have to help my baby girl tell the end of her story.  

Our journey together began in a Petsmart store in Plano TX.  I was shopping for cat food on August 13, 2000 and I had no intention of adopting a kitten.  I just happened to walk by the cages that Texas Cares Cat Rescue had set up and saw a teeny terrified kitten huddled in a corner of a cage all alone.  Evidently she was the runt of her litter and she was still waiting to be adopted.  I went to the food aisle and loaded up my cart but found myself back at her cage a second time looking at her scared little face.  I asked if I could hold her.  She trembled uncontrollably in my arms but snuggled close as if she knew we were meant to be.  She started purring and I could not let her go from that very first moment.  Before I knew it I had filled out the paperwork and we were on our way home.  That little girl sure had some lungs on her!  She meowled and hyperventilated the whole way home and it was a sound I would hear for almost 18 years to follow any time I had to take her in the car.

She was named Dinah by the rescue but that sure did not suit her.  I decided to call her Sammie.  As time passed, her name evolved and soon she was known as Sammie Jammie JellyBean.  Her formal name ended up being JellyBean but informally she was always known as JB.  

She was a busy little girl and her high activity level continued on into her later years.  She seemed to always get into some sort of predicament.  There was the time she pretended she had not gone into the fireplace but the black soot on her face gave her away immediately.  

Then there was the time when she got caught in the handle of a paper bag.  She freaked out and began to tear around the house in fright, peeing the whole way.  I could not stop laughing which I know was wrong, but from that day on I cut off the handles of every bag that she might get into.  I had to be careful because she was always getting her paws into something. 

She rarely slept for long periods of time and she was always my shadow, talking to me all the time.  We carried on full conversations back and forth as she meowed a reply to everything I said to her.  She was very busy all day long and kept me up every night.  I really did not sleep for almost 18 years.

JB was not one who liked to be held unless it was on her own terms or if she was ready for a belly snuggle.  If I picked her up, she preferred to climb over my shoulders and ride around the house on my back.  

Her pale crystal blue eyes were mesmerizing to me.  She always looked at me with such love.  She and I were one and she had my heart from the first day I met her. 

JB began her blog in 2008 and she was an early member of the Cat Blogosphere.  She was very paws on when managing blog content.    

Her blog was her first project and it was not till mid 2016 that she became the CFO (Chief Feline Officer) of our new small business, JellyBean Publishing.  Rightly so, our company was named after her and she was a tough boss!  I hope I can make her proud as I carry on her legacy.

Throughout her senior years, JB loved to bring me her favorite mice which were her old red mousies and her other favorite, the Plague Ratsie which is in our shop.  As she proudly carried them in her mouth, she meowled with astonishing volume and pitch for such a tiny kitty.  She transported them up and down the stairs on a daily basis.  Sadly, the last time I think she did this was Feb 17, 2018.  She had many health issues since about 2012 and I started to realize the end was near.

April 26, 2018 was the day I said my final goodbye and it was heart wrenching.  I wondered if I was doing the right thing down to about an hour before the vet came to the house.  I cuddled my tiny 4.4 pound baby girl for a few last minutes and then she laid on my lap for the whole procedure. Tears flowed uncontrollably.  I could not breathe or bear the pain in my heart but I finally knew I had to let her go. 

After JB was gone, I looked at her frail little body on my lap with tears and I kissed her for the last time.  I think I heard a final little meow, "Thank you for being my mom.  I love you.  Thank you for loving me and letting me go."  

The house is so quiet now.  
I will miss you forever, Baby Girl.  Till we meet again.  
Be Safe.  I Love You.  

Friday, May 13, 2016

Sweet 16!

It's me, JB, and I have a lot to say as usual.  
I am still mom's executive assistant on this day, the day of my Sweet 16th birthday!  
I continue to be very busy even though I am a senior.

Sometimes I get upset that mom does not keep up my blog any more, but then I realize something even bigger is going on.  She is trying to start a new company to help get out of her current super stressful job one day.  

Plus I am the namesake of this new company, called JellyBean Publishing!  Since my name is the company name, that kinda means I am like the President!

Reporting to you from my executive chair, thank cod us cats will be included in the company's first project, called Mister's Garden.  SomeBun named Mister had a paw in making mom take a hop into publishing! 

Take a look into Mister's Garden in the following link and 
escape the real world like mom has! 

That's it for me on my 16th birthday, and now it's time to go snuggle with mom! 
Happy 16th birthday to me!  
Be safe!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

7 is a VERY Important Age!

 I had to remind mom of this very important day.  It's my 7th birthday and 7 is a very important age! 

Since I get to live with my mama forever, we spend lots of time together.  We go together like peas and carrots, me and mama.

I drank lots of mama's milk when I was small. 

I drank lots of mama's milk when I got bigger too!

Now I get my own special milk every day!  Sometimes I even share with mama.

I'm 7 years old today.  7 is a very important age! 

Happy Birthday to Chester!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

From the Back & From the Front

We never thought we could window whiff in August!  It's only in the 70's today and overcast. 
We love this!
~JB, Armani, CocoBean & Gaia

(Charli and Chester were indisposed but they whiffed too a little later)