Friday, May 13, 2016

Sweet 16!

It's me, JB, and I have a lot to say as usual.  
I am still mom's executive assistant on this day, the day of my Sweet 16th birthday!  
I continue to be very busy even though I am a senior.

Sometimes I get upset that mom does not keep up my blog any more, but then I realize something even bigger is going on.  She is trying to start a new company to help get out of her current super stressful job one day.  

Plus I am the namesake of this new company, called JellyBean Publishing!  Since my name is the company name, that kinda means I am like the President!

Reporting to you from my executive chair, thank cod us cats will be included in the company's first project, called Mister's Garden.  SomeBun named Mister had a paw in making mom take a hop into publishing! 

Take a look into Mister's Garden in the following link and 
escape the real world like mom has! 

That's it for me on my 16th birthday, and now it's time to go snuggle with mom! 
Happy 16th birthday to me!  
Be safe!