Sunday, August 31, 2014

Houston, We Have a Problem!

Mom says we have a problem with Hootchie Pootchie, aka Gaia.  
She seems to be growing before our very eyes.  She gets picked on by Armani, Charli and CocoBean all the time.  Mom thinks she now has a food addiction because of this, and she is nervously eating out of everycat's food dishes whenever she can sneak a bite.  When mom says, no, no, no, in a stern voice she runs away from the food dishes, so she knows she is doing wrong.  What are we to do?  There is a lot of food out for skinny minnie JB, or JB won't eat enough.  **sigh**

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

JB's Gotcha Day - 14 Years Ago!

Mom started taking some pictures of me this morning, because she remembered it was my Gotcha Day.  She said we would have a photo shoot later in the day.  She forgot till just now.

14 years ago today, I came into my mom's life.  My mom was not this busy 14 years ago.  

I hope mom will play with me tonight, for my Gotcha Day.  I may be 14, but I am still very very busy!

Happy Gotcha Day to JB, 14 years later!