Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Quilt to Lay Our Furs On

 Mom is working a LOT, so we have nothing to do.  Mom is excited for Spring so she got us a new Spring quilt to lay our furs on while she works.  

 We like the new quilt, because it feels soft under our furs, and we can keep some of our toys on the quilt too. 

Gaia:  Just keep that Armani on his side of the quilt, so I can sleep here in peace! 

We hope mom's job gets just a tiny bit less busy soon, cos we feel very neglected!  

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Paw-Smacking Good Toys!

Mom got us some new toys because we have been neglected because she has been working a lot.  We ordered this fancy new Tri-Tunnel from amazon, but it came directly from China!

EveryCat had to come check it out.

SomeCat named Gaia  was more excited than others!

Seems like this might need to be called a Tabby Tunnel because Chester likes it a lot too!

We also got this fancy triple paw smacker!  It will help me stay young and let me work on the paw eye coordination!  
Hey, I think it moved! 


Thank you, mom for the new toys!  We love them!