Friday, February 22, 2013

Fabulous Friday!

I am making mom's Friday Fabulous, with me, Fabulous CocoBean!

Happy Fabulous Friday!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Christmas in February!

We got another surprise sent to us from the man in the blue shorts.  It came from our Uncle Bob, Auntie Doris and Chester's sissie Sugar and sibs!  As usual, the tabbies had to be first to check it out!
Gaia:  I think I smell my daughter, Sugar, in there!!!

Chester:  Sugar, are you in there??

All of us had to check out the new toys!
Charli:  I like these feathers a lot!

Armani:  These new toys are great!  Do you think these feathers came from Chick-Hens?

Since I am always very busy, after I checked out mom's new calendar, I had to eat the tissue paper.  I got some stuck on my tongue!

Mom looked at the pages of the calendar through to when we got the package. 
Hey, for a minute we thought Charli was in the calendar!

Gaia:  I am so sure I can smell my daughter, Sugar, in here!  I will keep looking.

Thank you for our surprise, Uncle Bob, Auntie Doris, and Sugar and siblings!  We loved it!

(You might ask.  Where is CocoBean?  CocoBean sleeps about 23 hours a day, so she slept through our whole surprise!)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Someone Had a Valentine's Paw in This!

JB:  Mom, come see the Valentine's card that just came in the mail for you!

JB:  Let me read it to you!

Charli:  Mom, read the inside of the card!

Mom:  Ok, you cats.  Someone had a paw in this!  How did you manage to send me this card in the mail by yourselves?
JB: We have our ways, and we even licked the stamp!

PeeS:  The look on mom's face when she opened the card was priceless!  She LOL'd for a long time out loud, and she sure needed a laugh.  We wish us cats knew how to use the camera to capture the moment, but we don't have thumbs!  Mom has NO idea who helped us send this card, and she wants someone to fess up.  The postmark came from Dallas.  Hhhmmm.


Monday, February 11, 2013

ManCat Monday - If I Could Just Reach It!

*If I could just reach it.*

 *Just a little bit further!*

*SUCCESS!  Aah, the cool refreshing taste of mom's fresh ice water!*

Friday, February 8, 2013

We Got an Interview with Mousebreath Magazine!

We want to thank Jan and the Feline Funny Farmers for interviewing us for Mousebreath Magazine!  You can view and read our interview on Mousebreath Magazine's website - **CLICK HERE**.  


Friday, February 1, 2013

More Art and a Virtual Vacation?

So if anyone knows my mom, she is always looking at art, or collecting art of some sort in her travels.  Well, she only had to drive around the corner from home for this art!  These are mom's newest acquisitions.  They are of a seagull in St. Thomas, and are painted by the mom of a friend of my mom, local TX artist, Nancy Berkhouse.   

This one is called "Party Bird".  It caught mom's eye, because the flower looks like a hibiscus, mom's fave flower, and it looked a scene in the Caribbean.
CocoBean:  Did someone say "Party"?

This one is called "The Lifeguard".  
 Armani:  Did someone say birdie??

 Mom takes pictures of birds wherever she travels and she took pics of birds and the beautiful water in  St Thomas too, last time she was there.  We think mom is taking some sort of virtual beach vacation in her head lately, to escape work!

Mom's newest art goes along with the same theme from her last art  purchase back in May 2012, a pretty art glass, from when she was on the beach in Sidmouth, England. 

Life's a Beach, or mom wishes it were!

 OOOOH, one more thing we want to mention.  Mom has been looking to get a painting done of all of us cats, and she is going to commission Nancy Berkhouse (website:  to create it for us!  
We are very excited!