Monday, January 28, 2013

Me & My Mama Monday

 It's me...

...and my mama!

It's me and my mama Monday!  Are we good looking, or what?  We have good jeans!
~Chester and mama Gaia

Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Name is Armani, and I am a Diabetic

My name is Armani, and I am a diabetic.

 Sometimes this can be genetic, but mom is sure it is from feeding us cats too much dry food.  Dry food is bad for cats, as it is way too high in carbs, and well, it is DRY!  Cats need a lot of water IN their food, and we are obligate carnivores.  
The ideal diet would be for us to eat mice as mice are mostly protein and fat with only about 5% carbs.  
But we are house cats, and mom won't let us catch mice outside so she has adjusted our diet to high protein canned food, and eliminating almost all dry food (except for stubborn Chester), and giving us real 100% Chick-Hen treats.
Diabetes and many other bad diseases are caused by cats eating too many grains and carbs.  Have you ever seen a cat in the wild hunting down a potato or a corn cob?  I think not!

 I am a cat, and an obligate carnivore and I love protein!  Give me meats or chick-hen, so I will live a long healthy life!

For my diabetes treatment, I am down to 1 unit of insulin twice a day.  My blood glucose is hovering around 100, and mom hopes that I will soon be OTJ (off the juice), with the diet change.

My name is Armani, and I am a diabetic.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tuxies ROCK!

 Any way you look at it....

 Tuxies ROCK!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Nip Bud

 Here is what transpired on New Years Eve at our house!  Mom gave us a nip bud!

Armani:  This is some potent nip.  It is so strong it is sticking to my furs!

Armani:  I must rub this nip all over myself!
Charli:  My mouth is watering over this nip.  I need to try some!

 Armani:  Be careful, Charli.  Don't eat it all at once.  This is some potent nip!

 Armani:  I think I got some stuck in my teeth.

Armani:  This nip is so strong it is making my hair stand up on end!
Charli:  **cough, cough, cough**

Charli:  Wowza, that was a great New Year's nip party!  
Can we do it again?