Thursday, November 29, 2012

Grumpy Cat

 I might look grumpy on the outside all the time....

...but mom says I am beautiful, inside and out, all the time.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Google Wants our Green Papers!

 This morning mom tried to help us with a blog post, which is a rare occurrence, and google told us we had no more storage again.  We never bought more storage last time google told us this, but we were still able to post more on the blog.  All was well...

 ...till this morning when google demanded mom give up green papers so we can blog.  
Here's what I think about that!  Take note of how my whiskers twisted with frustration!

 Green papers don't grow on trees.  We hear mom saying that a lot lately.

For meowing out loud!  Here's another view of what I think about google taking our green papers! 

P.S.  Update on JB.  JB has been eating well now for almost 6 days.  Very mysterious, how she was so ill last Sunday.  Will watch her for a bit longer and then will likely have to take her for more tests.  
Armani will get his first in home glucose test this afternoon.  We are all crossing paws that mom will be able to test him ok without fainting at the sight of a blood droplet!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Birthday Wish

 Mama Gaia:  Happy Birthday, son!
Chester:  Thank you, mama!
Mama Gaia:  What do you wish for on your birthday?
Chester:  Just one thing, mama.  My birthday wish is that I want my sister, JB, to be well again, and my brother Armani to be sugar-free!

 I will dream and purray every day and night, that JB and Armani will be well and healthy.  Armani is doing well with his insulin treatment, so mom has stopped worrying about him so much.

 We are behind on updating the blog, however, but have put updates on Facebook about JB.  
JB has been showing signs of kidney disease, which showed up in her recent blood test.  She has lost weight and has been having a sick tummy, so is not eating too well.  We hope with treatment of subQ fluids and ultimately a diet change soon, that she will improve.   
Mom, of course, is a basket case...

I will cross my paws every day for JB, and for a sugar-free Armani.
I am 4 years old today.  4 is a very important age, and I hope my birthday wish comes true.

Pee Ess: A BIG happy birthday to my twin sissie, Sugar, too!  High Five, Sugar!  We are 4 today!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Need Attention Too!

 SomeCats in our house are having some issues lately, so I am not getting the attention I so very much deserve.

Here's what I think about that:

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bartering for Belly Rubs?

 JB: Armani, did you really exchange head butts and kisses, for belly rubs and scritches at the vet yesterday?
Armani: Yes m'am, I did!  If I had to be there all day, I had to get something out of it!

 My brother Armani was schmoozing with everyone at the vet office yesterday again.   
Sheesh, maybe he really is sick and has lost his mind!   
When mom went to pick him up, everyone kept saying: "He is such a great cat!".  
Sheesh.  I'm great too.

So Armani's blood glucose curve results were down from his initial diagnosis of 470.  He was at 266, 287, 273, and 266 on his test curve.  This is pretty good news.  Now mom still start giving him a little more insulin per vet instructions, and we will see how it goes for another week.  Mom will be changing all of our diets slowly going forward, and will definitely be weaning us off dry food, which is very bad for cats.

We will keep updating Armani's progress.  The vet said he was doing really well so far!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


 Vet check up and blood test - $200
Glucose curve test and day at vet - $167
Insulin and syringes from the pharmacy - $162
Karo syrup - $2.59
Getting Armani to feel good and be healthy again?  PRICELESS!

We hope Armani's glucose levels go down and stabilize with treatment, but in the meantime, Armani wants all the LadyCats to know that this just means that he is extra super sweet!