Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tickle Pickle!!

Good thing I got to check out this new Tickle Pickle first, before Gaia got her paws on it!

Oh yeah, aahhhh, oooooh, love the Tickle Pickle!  Oh Yeah!!!  
LOVE the Pickle!!

What??  Does AnyCat have a problem with this?  I am enjoying this Tickle Pickle!  A little drool never hurt AnyCat! 

We think Gaia needs a Catnip Intervention.
If you look closely, there is drool on the Pickle, drool dripping down the side of JB's throne, and drool on the pillow on JB's throne!
If mom does not talk to Gaia about catnip, who will?? 

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Monday, March 19, 2012

A Throne for Her Royal Highness, JB

A big box came on Friday from the man in the blue shorts, for ME!

I knew the box was for me because it had a label on the front that said it was!  It must be my new throne!

Before I could even help mom with the box, two pesky tabbies tried to get in on the action.  Gaia even tried to pop the bubbles in the packing material!

 I had to tell everyone to read the inscription on the back of my new throne.  It says "JellyBean". That means it is for me.  CocoBean wanted to use it too but I told her no.

Clearly my royal subjects were not obeying me!

Mom moved my throne to the family room later, and to my horror, what did I see?  CocoBean was sacked out on my throne!!

I told CocoBean, you better learn to read!  This throne is mine, all mine!

It says JellyBean, not CocoBean!

 I love my new throne.  It was specially made for me, JellyBean, by BrawnyCat.

 ~HRH, JellyBean

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bananas and Strawberries?

Hi Everyone.  It's me, Chester, with a report on Fruit!!  That's right, Fruit!!  Our friends, Tofu and Jemma, are Quality Control Managers and Taste Testers at the Allure treat factory, that makes all natural jerky treats for cats and dogs.  It is their mom's business, and our mom let us order some!  Mom was a bit skeptical at first, because the treats are made with bananas and strawberries, combined with chicken or beef, but.....

....did we prove mom wrong!  Check us out!  There are 4 of us huddled around the treats in this picture.  We were almost fighting for a taste!

We were smacking and licking our whiskers over this stuff!

Oh, and the only one in our house with manners, that does not go on the kitchen counter, is Gaia.  She was smacking and licking her whiskers on the floor too!

We tried the Beef and Banana and the Chicken and Strawberry, and liked them equally well.

This product review is brought to you by all the Cats in JB's Small World.  We give it 24 paws up!

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Got Published Again!

Mom wants to make sure she never loses any memories she has had with us cats, so she let me publish Volume III of JB's Small World!  I am super excited and we are going to read my book tonight!

When mom is old-er and gray, she says she will never ever forget me....her little JellyBean!

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Hats of Hope for Miss Judi!

Today, is Hats of Hope Day for Miss JudiBug.  We are sending our thoughts and prayers to Miss Judi, Sammy, Andy, Shelly and Sierra’s mom.  She is worried about some health issues, and we are sending pawsitive thoughts, purrs and purrayers her way.  
Miss Judi hatted us girls back in 2010, and we'd like share our photos again on this day.

JB:  Purring and purraying for Miss Judi.

CocoBean:  Purring and purraying for Miss Judi too.

Gaia:  Purring and purraying for Miss Judi.

Charli:  Purring and purraying for Miss Judi too.

Chester and Armani are sending lots of purrs and purrayers over to Miss Judi too.

Please stop by and visit Sammy, Andy, Shelly and Sierra's blog to send your well wishes too.

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

We're Just Sayin'.....

Saturday is Caturday!!

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