Saturday, February 25, 2012

Undercover Mousie!!

Armani:  What mom?  Stuff came from the lady in the blue suit for us?   
 It's about time!

Woot!!  Undercover Mousie! 
We all had to run over and check it out!  We sure had a lot of fun.  So much fun, in fact......

 ....That Charli and I had to play with it again later that night!
The action was fast and challenging.  Expert paw-eye coordination was needed.  I was very swift on my toes!

 This Undercover Mousie is THE BOMB!
We give it 24 paws up! 

This product review brought to you by Armani, on behalf of all feline residents at JB's Small World.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

It Was Not Stuff For Us....

Mom did some shopping online from our friends' Etsy store, Beaded Tail.  
We thought for sure when the package arrived that it was stuff for us.  The cute card even had a cat on it!

We were sure it was stuff for us because the packages had pawprints on them!

We sniffed and searched through the boxes for stuff for us.....

....but it was stuff only for mom!  
She bought 4 new pairs of earrings!

 Armani told mom that the next package that the man with the brown shorts or the lady in the blue suit brings to our house, better be for us!

Thank you Angel and Isabella at Beaded Tail!  Mom loves her new earrings!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day and JB Update!

I told mom all I needed was a Pepsi, but she still drove me down to Dallas to a specialist called an internist.  I got to take two of my favorite mice with me.

 I got poked at, my armpits were shaved for an ultrasound and I had pictures taken of my insides again too.  I told them my heart was healthy, but mom needed peace of mind so she would not worry.

I was pleased to see that the specialist liked all sorts of animals too just like I do in my Big World Blog!  
He had pictures on the wall that showed him helping a Tiger and an Anteater!

So my tests all came back pretty normal for my age.  I have only a slight heart murmur, which is not serious at this time, and I do not have heart disease or cardiomyopathy.  
I am just a VERY spoiled finicky 12 year old senior LadyCat, with a sensitive tummy.
Mom, you can give me that Pepsi now!


(P.S. Mom says it is Pepcid AC that I will take when my tummy hurts)

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Heart Murmur for Valentine's Day

I have been sick for the last 3-4 days, throwing up a lot.  I have not been my Spunky Munkey self.  Mom had been very worried, so she took me to a new vet today, that specializes in cats only, since I have had a lot of health issues over the years.

Mom was hoping when we got there that there would be a good report on me.  There was a nice colorful mural on the wall, so mom tried to think happy thoughts.
Armani came with me as mom wanted to have his teeth checked out since on his last check up to the other vet, mom was told he needed a tooth extraction.

Armani did not seem to realize he was in a vet's office so he started snoopervising!

Then he even did an elevator butt and even gave head butts to the vet!  Armani, get a grip!!
The verdict on Armani was he did not have to have a tooth extraction yet, so mom was very pleased about that.  So was Armani.

Me, on the other hand, not so good news.  The vet listened to my heart and found I have a heart murmur, which is not good and this means likely cardiomyopathy.  The vet put me in a towel and took me to the back room to steal my bloods.  I have a furless spot on my neck now!  The full blood test results won't come back till about 72 hours, for the special cardio blood test.  

Mom is very worried, so please purr for her not to worry.  We will update you all more when we have the test results. 


2/9/12: JB's mom here with an update. The vet just called with JB's cardio panel results. They came back with a "red flag" indicating likely heart disease. I am so worried about my little girl. I have scheduled an ultrasound for Monday morning for her. The vet said the heart murmur scale is subjective but she put it at a 3 on a scale of 1-6. Please purr and pray for JB. Thanks everyone.

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