Thursday, June 30, 2011

We are All Waiting Patiently.....

......for mom to get off work today.  She is taking a long weekend to be with us!!

I, JB, am waiting, near my toys....

Chester is waiting, for the sound of the CRUN-CHEES bag.....

CocoBean is waiting, and MOL'ing at birdies outside....

Armani is waiting, very handsomely....

Gaia is waiting, in great anticipation.....

And Charli is waiting, with great hopes that we will get to play and have fun with mom ALL weekend long!

Happy 4th of July weekend, Everyone!

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Cat Show and Cat Trees!

Mom went to the Feline Fanciers Cat Show in Fort Worth last weekend.  Of course, we let mom go only if she would buy us presents.
Here are some pictures of what she saw there.  

 It made mom sad to see all the cats in cages, and these were mostly all breeders, which we don't believe in since there are so many homeless cats in the world.

 There was an assortment of all kinds of cats, like this Bengal.

 There were a whole lot of CocoBeans too.  We think our CocoBean is just as beautiful as these show cats, don't you?

Mom was able to stock up on Peacock feathers, and everyone knows they are my favorite!!!

But most of all, the reason mom went to this Cat Show was to find Cat Tree Steve! 

Wowza Yowza, did mom ever find him!  Check out all these cat trees!
Mom was only going to buy one but she liked the good quality, so she bought us TWO!
Mom stuffed them into the back of her SUV, and was on her way back home, but......

......the cat trees were really heavy, and the weather was super hot, and mom's old SUV overheated!  Mom was stuck on the side of the highway with our TWO cat trees!
When the tow truck came, the driver asked what repair place mom wanted him to tow her to.  Mom said to tow it home, as she had to deliver these TWO cat trees home immediately!

Before mom could even move the cat trees from our entry way, we all hopped on!

We were so excited to try out every level of our new cat trees!

Finally we got off them for a minute so they could be moved to other rooms in the house.  
This is Chester demonstrating a close up view of the Super Scoop cat tree later on, in a most provocative position.  Chester has no shame.

Mom says cat tree quality in stores has been pretty poor lately, and she has been searching for a long time for some quality trees for us.  Mom and all of us highly recommend Cat Tree Steve's Cat Trees!

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Secret Mission with Accomplices!

So for mom's birthday last week, Chester and Gaia had a plan, a Secret Mission really.  Chester thought if only he could get a message to his sissie, Lucy, so she could help us get a birthday present for mom.  Chester tried to meow out to Lucy from a window, and somehow, Lucy heard him!

Here are the Accomplices to our Secret Mission:
RingLeader "Fancy Feet Lucy" (Chester's sissie and Gaia's daughter)

"Don't touch my mice Mrs Peel"

"Zoe the Sneaky Silent One"

"Sticky Paws Tiger"

And here is what our accomplices got our mom from all of us!

A hand pawtographed card, a Crazy Cat Lady figurine with 6 cats, and some hair scrunchies!  
Yes, hair scrunchies, and they come highly recommended by Mrs. Peel, who says they are the best ever sling shots to chase after....for us and for mom!

Uh oh, maybe a lot of our friends' moms need to take this quiz too.....

Last but not least, mom was presented with some chocolate Katzen-Zungen.  That is German for "cat's tongues"!  Mom was out of chocolate so this was just Purrfect!

Thank you to our accomplices for a job well done!
Mission Accomplished!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Tussle, and a Flag Day Wish

JB:  Charli, you're not trying to touch me, are you?



JB: Do I still have to give you a talkin' to, after that tussle?
Charli:  No JB, your are my idol, and I am sorry for touching you.

JB:  Ok, wanna play?
Charli:  Yes!  Let's play!

 It is Flag Day again and there is a flag in front of our house. 
This signifies many things, but it is also a day to wish our mom....
a Happy Birthday, from all of us Cats!

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thoughts on Thursday - We Miss our Friends!

Armani: What should we do today?  Mom is busy still.
CocoBean:  Eat CRUN-CHEES!  nom, nom, nom
JellyBean: Yah, but we need mom to pay attention to us more!

We are sorry we have not been around much lately.  Mom's job is super busy, and she is also helping more with kitties who are less fortunate than us who need homes, at Frisco Humane Society.

We miss everyone, and we will try to visit soon!!!!

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