Monday, March 28, 2011

But What about the Fish??

Here is what happened yesterday.....

At 7:30AM yesterday morning, mom found Gaia somehow got herself on top of the fish tank.  We had just moved the fish into the closet last week to get them out of the way.  Gaia is very fixated on these fish.

At 7:30PM yesterday evening, the tank had sprung a leak!  Mom had to quickly drain most of the water so it would not flood the closet.  What a mess!  We know Gaia is chubby, but do you think she caused the tank to leak with her extra weight?
But what about the fish??

I have two fish.  They are Pink Kissing Gouramis.  They have lived with us for about 10+ years.  They are my age!
One day about 9 years ago, they had a fight and each ate one of each other's eyeballs.  They each only have one bug eye since then.
They have moved with us 4 times too in this fish tank.  So, since mom is the animal lover that she is, she felt she had to save the fish!

I wonder how long fish live? 
I had some baked salmon last night which was very yummy. 
Do you think my fish taste like salmon?

 Gaia:  I could have told you if they tasted like salmon, JB, if mom didn't save them!

And so the fish live on, in their new tank, in the closet. 
Mom is just thrilled. 

Mom hopes that I live MUCH longer than my fish.

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Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

Good grief!! What huge excitement! You are a bit naughty, though, Gaia! We're glad the fishies are OK!

The Chans

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Whoa, I've never heard of a fish fight before, and your fishes even ate one of each other's eyeballs, ouch!
Gaia, wear a goggle while sitting on that tank, please.
May your fishes and all of you cats live a long life and post a long post every day!
Love ya!

Kea said...

The mom thinks it completely gross that the fish ate each other's eyeballs years ago. :-D

We hope they're safe now from Gaia and leaking tanks!

-Fuzzy Tales

Thor said...

Glad the fishes are safe!

Thor and Jack

Asta said...

What Dwama!!! Fow a moment , I thought Gaia was going to have those fishes fow dinnew. I think it would make youw mom sad aftew all she's been thwoo wif them, so you two bettew stick to fish in a box ow wappew fwom the stowe, hehehe
I hope you live lots lots longew least anothew ten yeaws
smoochie kisses

Brian said...

WOW, I never heard of a fish fight before!

Angel and Kirby said...

Ten year old fishes that are half blind! That is really something!

Mr Puddy said...

OMC !!! 10 years old fishes without anyone wanna eat it !!!
That's Miracle !!!

MoMo said...

A fish fight AND eyeball eating!!!!!!! OMC, that's enough violence for the day. Not that we keep fishies, but we think 10 years is a good age for fishies.

Tillie and Georgia said...

WOW!!! We somehow think those fish will be safer in the new tank!
Maybe the old one just wore out, not due to Gaia,heehee, just old age ;)
We are amazed that they ate each other's eyes :o
Guess from now on, Gia will have to get her fish from your Mom! hahahahaha
Purrs Tillie & Georgia

Kari in WeHo said...

your fish ate each others eyeballs?


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Our daddy sed dat maybe dey weren't fighting but kissing and aksidently sucked out each others eyeballs...yeah, we think he's purrty weerd too.

hero said...

My hooman said he had a pair of pink kissing gouramis too when he was young... and they do kiss a lot after eating and sometimes fight too but taking the eyes out is something new. 10+ years is pretty long lives too.

Licks, hero

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

I don't think I would want to be kissed by someone who ate my eye! Ick. Personally, I think that at 10 years, they have been around long enough. It's about time you kitties should have them!

The Island Cats said...

Whew! We were really worried about those fishies!! We're glad they are okay!!

Lorenza said...

I am happy to know the two fishies are ok!
Nice new tank for them!
Kisses and hugs

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Why am I khraving some surf and turf now?

Fish and CHIKHKEN ;-)

Mom's family had a fish tank fur some years with those kissing fishes - hers still had their eyeballs!


OKcats said...

holy cats! Your fish ate each other's eyes???? We shiver to think what would happen if they would have ganged up on Miss Gaia!!!

Katnip Lounge said...

This is more excitement than we can STAND! Cannibalistic fish? Leaking tanks? We want to know what fish water tastes like!!
AND, we want to come see your fish!

Teddy Bear said...

We're so glad your Fish have a new home.:)

Teddy Bear

Garden Girl☺ said...

My cat sits and stares at my fish. He puts his head down and just looks at it. He will drink the fish water if I don't watch him!

Anonymous said...

I love the fish. What a wild story about them eating each others eyeball. That is strange is this normal behavior for fish?

Jemma the Chihuahua said...

Hmmm, we think it was just *coincidence* that the tank leaked the same day Gaia was found on it! ;)

That is a lovely new tank for the two big fishes.

Dewey Dewster said...

Yikes...cats bein' interested in that sounds pretty fishy ta me.....but we're glad ta hear that the fish got saved but livin' in a closet....not the best place fer 'em I'm sure....

Never knew they could live that long.....fer sure.....

Dewey Dewster here....

Grrreta said...

Wow, what an exciting day! We think Gaia probably sensed the aquarium was starting to leak and she was just trying to rescue the fishies. She's a hero! Anyway, we're very glad the fishies are safe and happy in their new aquarium.

The Furry Bambinos said...

Those are very pretty fishies! We wonder if they might taste like chick-hen? We think it was just a coincidence about the leak.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel (& Sunny and Sky)

Anita said...

We are gald the fishes are safe! I never heard of a fish fight like this before! o_O

Be careful Gaia!

Prints the Cat said...

My goodness. Lots of activity at your cat house! How did Gaia get up on top of the fish tank? It's amazing she didn't knock the whole thing over. Poor fishes with just one eye, each. Yes, there is sure a lot of activity at your house.

Are the fish going to do okay in a closet?