Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A ManCat's Work is Never Done

 Now where did that feather go?  I just had it!

 Hai YAH!

 A ManCat's work is never done.

~~Chester (AKA BellyBoy)

 Update:  JB seems to be much more quiet and subdued since her sickness.  We are still worried about her, but for now she is ok, and she is eating, which is good.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

I am OK, for now!

 My mom and I want to thank everyone for stopping by to check on me while I was sick.  I did not want to show you a picture of me when I was really sick, so here is one of me this morning.  
As you might be able to see, my furs are not in the pristine and clean condition you are accustomed to seeing, which I must correct as soon as possible. 
I am feeling much better, but we have no diagnosis of my mysterious recurring illness, other than it is a Fever of Unknown Origin.

I got this cool picture of my insides from my doctor.  He says my insides look good, and all my parts are in good working order.  My stolen bloods tested normal and all my vital signs have been good throughout this whole sickness.

 Mom said I need to rest and get 100% well, so I took a quick cat nap this morning.  

But then to my mom's great relief, what did I do?

I resumed my bug catching responsibilities!

Can't keep a JellyBean down.  
I am a senior, but I am still light on my toes, and have a spring in my step.   
I am sorry I scared you so much this time, mom.  

Mom says we will visit our wonderful blogging friends this weekend to catch up with you all.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Prayers for JB, please

Hi Everyone.  It is JB's mom.  I was hoping everyone could say a little prayer for JB.  She had another bout with the strange illness she has once a year like last April, and a couple times before that since 2006. 

I took JB to the VET yesterday, and we are waiting for the blood test today.  He is not sure what it is yet, but said he saw her eyes quivering involuntarily which could mean something neurological.  Her temperature was 104 yesterday, and she got subQ fluids, antibiotics and a pain killer.  I was up throughout the night checking on her, and this morning she looks very ill still and is trembling.  I think I will have to take her in again this morning.  She has not eaten anything for 24 hours now and was down a a little in weight, from 7 pounds her whole life.

Please help me pray that my little Jelly Bean will be ok.  I am so scared and so worried about her.  This time she is much sicker than the last times.

~JB's Mom

8:46AM - Update.....I talked to the vet and he says her blood came back normal, thank goodness.  He wants me to bring her in for observation today and a chest xray.  Will update blog again later.  Thanks for all your support, it is so much appreciated.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A New Sports Car and a Block of Cheese!

Here are the rest of the pics of us trying out our new stuff from the CSN Stores Gift Furtificate Giveaway we won at The Creek Cats blog.
We also selected a new Sports Car and a Block of Cheese!

 **Doo de doo...Just riding in my automobile**

 Gaia, the rebel that she is, tried to go for a joy ride....backwards!

And Charli tried to break in the front fender in purrfect form.
Note:  We decided that Armani was better suited for a Mini Van, not a tiny sports car!

 Armani has been very diligent polishing his toe pads on the new Block of Cheese we got.  
(Armani does not realize he is declawed.  We are not supporters of declawing...that is just how he came to us when mom adopted him.)

CocoBean:  "If you ask me, I think Armani cut the cheese!"

And mom ponders the thought, out of all the neat stuff on the CSN website, why we picked out a bunch of "expensive Cardboard".....
JB:  "It's what we like, mom, it is what we like!"

Thanks again to The Creek Cats and CSN Stores! 

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We Won a Giveaway Contest!

We were super excited to win a giveaway contest recently at our good friends blog, The Creek Cats!  We won a Gift Furtificate to CSN Stores!  Mom said since we won it, we could buy whatever we wanted!
So, like AnyCat would, we wanted to order a Cardboard Box!!

Gaia got bossy when the Cardboard Box arrived and she tried to whap me and claim it for herself.

But then I got to try it out.  This is a special purple Cardboard Box.  It is called a Scratch'n Massage Bed, and it is made of Ripple Board, not cardboard.

 Charli wanted to try it out too, and she thinks it is very spacious.

 We can even use it for furtanning!

 Armani thinks the fit is a bit snug, but he still likes it a lot.

And then I showed Chester what I picked out especially for him....

Chester:  "Very funny, JB." 
JB:  "It's a Big Shrimpie Whisker Wide Bowl!  It is for cats with Sensitive Whiskers!  I was worried about your Handlebar being comfortable when you eat."

Gaia:  "Do you suppose I could get a Big Shrimpy Whisker Wide Bowl too, if I curled my whiskers into a handlebar like my son's?"

.....To Be Continued, in our next post, because we got two more things that we want to show you!

Thank you to our friends, The Creek Cats, and thank you CSN Stores!

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Formerly Foster Friday with Charli!

Hi Everyone.  It's me, Charli!
I like to lay on our window seat and contemplate how good life is here at JB's house.  I have been asking the lady every day, if I could please live here forever and ever.

Then guess what?  The lady asked me if I was truly happy here.  
I said, "YES, YES!"  
**giggle**  **chuckle**  **giggle**  
The lady tickled and tickled me till I almost peed in my pantaloons, if I had any pantaloons!

And later that afternoon....

It became official.  I can now call the lady, "Mom"!

Life is Good.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Flags for 2 Reasons!

Today, before Chester fell asleep for his morning nap.....

 .....he raised his Flag high and wide for 2 reasons.  We selected Chester to be our SpokesCat for the day, because he has the most impressive Flag in our house.

The reason is that we want to wish our mom a Happy Birthday today!

We also have a Flag in our front yard, as this day is also known as Flag Day for another reason.  This day commemorates when the red, white and blue Flag was adopted by the United States!

Happy Birthday, Mom! 


 On another exciting note, I, JB, am now a member of the most prestigious Kool Seniors Kitty Klub, sponsored by Sam and Andy!

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Here's What Happened This Past Week.....

 JB:  Chester, something is up.  I just know it.
Chester:  What is it, JB?

 JB:  I found these new vacation shoes.  They have palm trees on them, and they say Margarita on them!

 CocoBean: What is all the fuss about?  I was having such a good dream.

 Charli:  I think pink is my color.
JB:  Charli!  Charli!  That is mom's beach vacation hat!  

I gave mom one of my best looks of disgust for leaving us alone.   
She went to the beach in Fort Laundrydale.  
She could do laundry here at home, so I don't understand why she had to leave us to do laundry, do you?

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