Monday, April 27, 2009

ManCat in the Making Monday & Bloody Nose!

Hi All. Please accept our apologies for not visiting everyone so much lately. My mom/secretary has been really busy and has a lot going on.
Chester wanted to tell everyone that he is doing fine after his New Turd.

Mom told him he had to have the New Turd so he could become a big strong ManCat one day. Chester wanted to make 100% sure he becomes big and strong, so he decided to eat some spinach, just like Popeye!
Silly Chester....

As for me, I am not sure what is wrong with me. My fever went away, and I am back to normal, and eating. But early this morning, I had a little blood coming out of my nose! My mom called the vet and was told if it is just a little, then not a concern, but to keep watching me for any other problems. Mom is not sure what to think right now, and is very worried.
Has AnyCat ever had any of my symptoms?
(See previous post too)

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Friday, April 24, 2009

"Fever of Unknown Origin" & V-E-T Report

Everything was fine at our house on Wednesday night, at least according to Chester.....

The usual was going on.....Chester was jumping on my back.....but the next morning, I was feeling really, really sick.

I did not let mom take a picture of me Thursday morning before we went to the V-E-T, because my furs were not very clean and pristine on my chest....but this is me after I got home from the V-E-T.

I had gotten a "fever of unknown origin" of 104! In the morning, I was drooling and lots of liquid was coming from my nose and mouth. I was so sick, and mom was so worried. I have gotten sick like this before, but this time it was really bad.
Mom rushed me to the V-E-T, along with Chester, so he could get his New Turd. I got an exam, some fluids and a shot of antibiotics AND my bloods were stolen......and yup, Chester got a New Turd.

When Chester came home from the V-E-T yesterday, he was not too happy. He had to wear a cone around his head, and he was grumbling: "This is just wrong, I tell you, wrong!"

"Mom, mom! I am choking! Help me, help me!"

"Get this thing OFF of me!"

Needless to say, the cone only lasted 2 minutes and mom had to take it off of him.
I still don't understand what a New Turd is. Chester said it was no fun at all, but he did not seem to feel any effects at all afterwards, and played the rest of the day and night!

We are both feeling better this morning, but mom will watch us closely, to make sure we are both well!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Busy Bear

****just getting busy****
****with my Busy Rollhide****
****nom, nom, nom, SLURP!****

And a few words from me, JB......

Mom says Chester is going to get a New Turd tomorrow! She told me it is a boy thing, but I don't understand what it is. I sure hope it means that his New Turd will not be as smelly as his Old Poo is in my litter box!

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Birth Mama Needs a Forever Home! Can Someone Please Help?

JB let me have her blog today, for a very important plea.

Of course you all know me by now. I started out life being named Dumplin' by my foster parents, who were just wonderful, by the way! My new adoptive mom calls me Chester now.

This is my gorgeous twin sister, and her name is Sugar! We started out life as Sugar and Dumplin'! She got adopted by our foster parents, and has two older CatSisters now....and I have one older CatSister, JB.
Both of us would like to make this plea to all bloggers to see if anyone can help our birth mama, Gaia.

This is Gaia. She gave birth to 6 of us kittens on 11/17/08, at our foster parents house. Gaia cared for us, and loved us, and let us drink lots of milk!

Gaia is a very beautiful LadyCat! My adoptive mom met her and noticed how loving and affectionate she was and how much she purred!

All 6 of us kittens grew and grew as days went by.....

Gaia took care of us to make sure we were all healthy, happy and she let us drink lots more milk!

Gaia also made sure we all had a very Merry Christmas together as a family!

Soon we were big enough to start eating on our own, and we all loved each other very much. One day, Gaia told us it was time........

She told us it was time for all of us to get adopted to new forever homes. Both Sugar and I said, "No, mama, no! We want to be with you!"
Gaia said, "No, it is time. I must let you go now."

And so it was....all 6 of us kittens were adopted into wonderful forever homes......except for our mama, Gaia.

Today, Gaia still lives at our foster parents' home, and sometimes has to stay in a cage. Sugar talks to our mama, and tries to comfort her in her sadness. Our foster parents would love to adopt her, but they have already adopted 3 rescues, and my mama says would like more personal one-on-one attention.
She is now spayed, microchipped, FeLV negative and up to date on all her shots, and is two years old. Please CLICK HERE for her "Animal Allies of Texas" listing for more information on how to adopt Gaia, our birth mama.

Can someone please help our mama find a forever home?

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Only One Jelly Bean, and Some Eggs

Today, I want to give my mom a Jelly Bean for Easter. That's right, I want to give myself to her! I will be with my mom all day, JB, AKA Jelly Bean!

Chester tried to sit with me on my tuffet to be a Jelly Bean too, but there can only be one Jelly Bean.

Also, last Easter I reported that Real Cats Don't Eat Eggs.

Well, Chester is confused, and he thinks ALL people food is for Cats, so he tried to eat eggs today!

I came over to take a sniff to make sure I did not report something wrong last year, but I was right. Real Cats Don't Eat Eggs! Chester, stop licking the eggs!

My sister, Jelly Bean, is very wise. I must listen and learn from her!
I concur, Real Cats Don't Eat Eggs!

We want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter!

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - The Art of Furtanning

Bear: JB tries to tell me that Cats are the best at Furtanning, but I think she is wrong! I have my very own lounge chair by the pool, so what can be better than that? hhrrumpf....Cats.....just where DO they get these ideas from in their heads??

OK, that was a few Words, on Wordless Wednesday.

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Art of Bathing

Chester: JB! What do you mean I am dirty??

Chester: Ok, fine. I will try to take a bath, the way you taught me to.

JB: Ok, I will watch you to make sure you get every spot good and clean.

JB: Point and stretch your toe just a little bit more next time for better reach, ok?

Chester: I am trying to be just like you, JB!

Chester: There! I am done. I think my furs are very clean and pristine now!

JB: You are improving on your bathing technique, but you will never have furs as clean and pristine as mine......if you keep taking a dip in the toilet!
(See previous post!)

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009