Saturday, January 31, 2009

Do You Really Want Me to Pee in Corn??

My mom is on a health kick and I am a little worried.......

She has been reading up on Wholistick stuff, since PooPoo died and Misty's health has been on the decline. This latest thing she wants me to do is a little concerning though!

She bought a bunch of the World's Best Cat Litter, and do you know what is so special about this cat litter? It is all natural and made of corn!! I sure hope she does not plan on making my Dumplin' out of this corn!

"Mom, do you really want me to pee in corn??" If there are any other kitties out there who have to pee in corn, please let me know of your experience with this substance!

I will find out about my Dumplin' surprise tomorrow on SuperBowl Sunday, so stay tuned for my post on Monday. I am so excited, I actually could just pee in some corn right now!!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Dreamin' About a Dumplin'

No words today, just all tuckered out from trying to figure out what my suprise dumplin' is going to be on SuperBowl Sunday......

Bear is tired too......

We're just dreamin' about a dumplin'.......and wonderin' what it might be!

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Monday, January 26, 2009

A Surprise for JB?

I am glad to let everyone know that my tummy is feeling better and the PepC worked. Even though I hated it when my mom pried open my mouth and shoved the PepC pill down my throat, I am grateful that my mom was there to help me get better.

Mom said she knows how sad and lonely I have been, so she has a surprise for me.

Mom asked me if I would like a dumplin'. I asked her "What is a dumplin' and does it have salmon in it?" Mom said it is a surprise dumplin', and I will have to wait till SuperBowl Sunday to find out what it is.
I sure hope it has salmon in it!!

Do you think I will like a dumplin'? What do you suppose it could be? If anyone has any ideas, please let me know!

Bear does not know what a dumplin' is either, but he says he would gladly sample a plate of it, if offered!

Bad Bear! This surprise dumplin' is for ME!

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Our Sweet Friend, Mango!

Today I would like to tell you all about a pawsome gift we got from our friend, Mango the Maltese Kiddo. We were so surprised to hear from him that we were his First Friend of 2009! This means we were the first friend to leave him a comment in 2009, and he was going to send us a gift!

Mango said he had had Misty in mind with the gray bed since she was sick. He followed his mom to the post office, after writing PooPoo's name on the box too. We received his gift on 1/13/09, the day that PooPoo died. I know PooPoo would have loved the gift, and would have been happy to gulp down all 4 cans of the food, so Misty and I could not have any.......that was just her way.

We got this fun feather bird toy too. Mango hopes that PooPoo will come back to play with it sometime. I love it because it has a feather on it! Hey, mom! I think it is moving!!

The gray cat bed is so luxurious! I sit in it sometimes when I visit Misty in her room. Mom has found some stray gray furs on it too, so we think Misty is sneaking into it at night to try it out too.
Thank you, Mango, for the pawsome gift!!

I have not been feeling so well lately. I have been throwing up for about 3 days on and off, and it might be gastritis caused by anxiety. Mom called the vet and he told mom to give me some pepcid-AC. I took half a pill last night and this morning and if I don't feel better, mom will take me to the V-E-T this afternoon. Oh, the horror of that thought!
I got to put the gray cat bed on mom's desk, so I can be near her while she is working today. I have just been so lonely........with PooPoo gone and Misty sick.

Mom has been giving Misty her fluids every other day for her CRF, and Misty is a little trooper. We think Misty is still losing weight though, which is not good. We will keep you all posted.
Misty still tries to strike a model pose at every opportunity, like from the top of her new cat tower!

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Training to Be a Frisbee Dog

It has been very sad at our house lately, so Bear wanted to lighten things up a bit, and show you his progress on becoming a frisbee dog.

Now Bear, is pretty stocky, and not as light on his toes as I am, but he is making a pretty good effort.

He has a little trouble jumping off the ground to catch the frisbee.

He prefers to keep his back feet on the ground, and just reach for the frisbee with his front paws.

He has been slowly improving his technique.

But maybe, just maybe............

.......He has already learned a few special moves from me!


Thanks to everyone who has left comments for us about the loss of PooPoo over the last week. We appreciate all your kindness. Mom is still sad, but your support has helped a lot. ~~Purrs, JB

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

PooPoo, We Will Miss You So Much

Today was a very sad day. PooPoo passed away this morning very unexpectedly.
It looked like she may have had a seizure or blood clot or something. The vet said he could do some tests but there was no guarantee that we would find any answers, so mom declined the tests. The vet said it looked like she went peacefully.
Mom did all she could for PooPoo for 14 and a half years. PooPoo always had issues in her head her whole life, and mom always tried to make her happy and tried to figure her out. PooPoo will take the Happy Kitty nip heart, that mom just gave her, to the Bridge with her.
We don't know what went on inside PooPoo's head. What was really going on behind those pretty golden eyes? We do know that she loved us, but she did not show it often.
She started life as a curious kitten, but was very mischievous and a quite the trouble-maker.
Mom would find broken lamps, broken glass shades, and curtains completely pulled down from the walls when she was young. She was a handful.
And of course, there was the frequent poopoo presents deposited next to the couch.....that is how PooPoo got her name.
We think PooPoo missed Taffy a lot when Taffy went to the Rainbow Bridge, 2 and a half years ago, and maybe PooPoo was never the same after that.
This is the last picture mom has of PooPoo. Mom took it last night when PooPoo got one of her last brushing sessions from mom....she purred and purred. Maybe mom knew somehow, and that is why she took this picture. Mom was the only one who understood PooPoo.

We are very sad.

PooPoo, we will miss you so much, and you will never be forgotten. We hope you have found Taffy at the Rainbow Bridge and will forever be a Happy Kitty now.

8/94 - 1/13/09

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

I am No Trouble For My Mom

My house is full of animals with problems, except for me......I am no trouble for my mom. I wish my mom could get a break. She takes care of us all the time, and with my sisters getting older, it is a lot of work.
Remember when I said that PooPoo got a Happy Kitty nip heart for Christmas, and that she was feeling a "tiny bit happier"?
PooPoo has been taking Reconcile since early November. It is a Prozac based doggie medicine for behavioral issues, which the V-E-T has seen positive results from when used for cats.
At first mom thought the Reconcile was working a little bit, but lately PooPoo has been pooping and peeing up a storm even worse, and NOT in the litter box! (She is still confined to the bathroom, by the way.)
Then just this week, mom discovered that PooPoo is missing her top right incisor (fang) tooth, and also the one below it is half broken off! What has PooPoo been doing in the bathroom to have lost two teeth?
Has anyone out there had this happen to any of their kitties? Mom thinks she will have to take PooPoo to the vet because of possible tooth infection now.
What's next for my mom? Like I said......I am no trouble for my mom. Uh, mom could you please come and play with me?

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Misty Report

Hi, it's me Misty, with The Misty Report. I am doing furry good so far, and have had 3 injections of fluids this week for my CRF. My mom is very brave to be able to use a such a big needle on me.
Mom has a lot of plush blankets and my sister Taffy's purple sweater laid out on my window seat in my room, so I am comfortable. Mom is worried I might catch a sniffle, so the blankets keep me warm.
Mom says that when she looks at my face, she can not see I am ill, but then she picks me up and I am a bag of bones. Like I said, models are supposed to be thin, aren't they?
Mom bought me a new cat tree, with two levels to sleep on, and she put it in my room by my window seat. JB, of course, the big PlayGirl that she is, can't resist climbing up the tree and claiming the high spot!

Thanks so much to everyone for your purrs and purrayers and barks too. I will keep everyone up to date on my health.

Misty finally got a modeling gig and she wants to share this great cause with you. Misty's health Story is featured in the Veterinary Emergency Funding Mission 2009 Calendar (preview photo shown to the right). Misty was fortunate enough that our mom could afford to pay all her V-E-T bills, but not all animals are so fortunate.

"If your pet had an emergency, would you be able to pay for it? Veterinary emergency care can be very costly and most emergency hospitals require payment up front. Lack of sufficient funds can leave an owner faced with euthanasia for a beloved companion. The Veterinary Emergency Funding Mission (VEFM) helps locate these funds."
Please click here to donate $20 for a wonderful 2009 calendar for a great cause.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Door #1, Door #2, or Door #3?

Hi, it's me, Bear. I think it is time that I say something. PooPoo has been living in her bathroom behind Door #1. Now Misty has her own room behind Door #2, and JB has the run of the whole rest of the house!
Why am I outside, in the cold, behind Door #3? It is cold out here, and JB is trying to give me her evil laser eyes. I am so cold and lonely! I am very sociable, you know.
Mom, I think it is time for some Bear time. Here is what I would like to do today, not behind any doors, and in no particular order:

1. Play ball with you in the backyard.
2. Go for a walk with you.
3. Play with my stuffies with you.
4. Have a snack with you.
5. Chew my bone next to you.
6. Have some snackies with you.
7. Get lots of belly tickles from you.
8. Slobber on you.

Mom, thank you in advance for your attention to my needs.


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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Very Bad New Year's News

Hi, it's me, Misty. I have not been feeling well, but I don't think that is any reason to put me in this stinky old cardboard PTU. I guess I should be grateful I have not had to go in it since I got my bad kidney removed, almost 3 years ago.......
(Please read Misty's Story here, to see what my mom has already done to save me.)
So, I have not been feeling well, and I don't know why, so off to the V-E-T, I went. Mom is worried.....please don't worry, mom. I am so grateful to you, for adopting me, and for being my mom.

Here I am in my mom's arms in that little room at the V-E-T office.....waiting....what are they going to do to me today?

I had to lay on this cold green counter. Then they took me in back for a while and stole my bloods, and weighed me. I only weigh 7.6 pounds now. Aren't models supposed to be thin?? The blood test results came back quickly with very bad news. I have Chronic Kidney Disease, that's what the V-E-T said. There is no cure, and the vet said she was not sure how long I had, since every cat is different. Since I only have one kidney, it is even worse for me.
Quickly, they brought in some subcutaneous fluids and stuck a big needle under my skin to inject them. I was so dehydrated, they gave me 250cc. Every time I don't feel well now, my mom will have to inject me at home herself.

When we got home, JB had to snoopervise, and check out the sack of fluids. The needles are very scary. JB said she would give me lots of kisses to try to make me feel better. JB has been a great little sister. I love her.

I got home to my room, and had a snack, and started feeling better from the fluids. I was feeling very fresh and furry, even a slight bit frisky, if only just for a moment. Please don't worry, mom, and please don't cry any more. I will try to stay well as long as I can. I love you for taking such good care of me for over 13 years.

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