Sunday, June 8, 2008

So much Fuss About a New Patio

What is this? Mom bought these nice comfortable pads and laid them on our floor so naturally we thought they were for us. But NO. They are for the patio. Why so much fuss about our new patio?

We don't like the new patio at all, because mom and daddy are spending too much time out there and not inside with us! And we are too scared to go out there to be with them.

Hey! Maybe we should get PooPoo to poop on these new pads so mom and daddy will stay inside with us!

PooPoo agreed to the proposed pooping task immediately, but luckily for mom, she took the pads outside to the patio just in time!

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Daisy said...

Ah, PooPoo is such an agreeable kitty. And I'll bet those cushions are easily washable, anyway.

Lorianna said...

That was funny! :) I'm sure you will enjoy your patio if you give it a chance JB. It's enclosed isn't it? No vicious armadillos will get you. Your poor Mom is just doing constant battle with those things!
PooPoo looks so pretty in that picture. It's nice that she was willing to work with you and Misty. :)
Crazy weather here again today. It would be nice if it was warm and sunny instead of warm and wet.
I hope you all are having a relaxing Sunday!
Love and Smoochies,

Babs (Beetle) said...

Oh JB. Again you post about something I am just going to post about. This is just too strange.

Do you think we are connected in some way?

Purrs, Sukie X

Kathryn and Ari said...

You kitties look absolutely beautiful on those cushions: maybe mom and dad will bring them in at night so that you can sleep on them.

Lorenza said...

Hi, JB!
Sorry your plan failed!
You need to think about something that keeps your mom and dad inside with you!
Kisses and hugs

4xBs said...

darn. you're going to have to think of another way to lure your parents back inside to stay with you.


Thor said...

You need to have other great idea to keep your mom and dad inside! Glad that PooPoo is helping you!

Love licks

Mickey said...

Too bad PooPoo was not in time to 'decorate' the new pads ;) There is something about this time of year where our Moms & Dads like to spend time outdoors! How can they bear to be away from us? I don't get it either.
Purrs Mickey

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh I hope they bring in the pads for you to use sometimes

~ Girl girl

meemsnyc said...

Those are nice cushion pads!!

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

What, What! Not for you guys! This is unfair!

Boy n Baby

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

We are sorry to hear your humans aren't spending more time with you! Do you like going outside on a harness? We sometimes go out on our harnesses with our humans (it's not safe for us to go outside without them).

Karen Jo said...

I am glad that PooPoo was willing to help you, but it's too bad that she didn't manage to poop on the new cushions in time. Maybe your Mom and Dad will bring them in for you sometimes.

Abby said...

Hi, JB...

I think those pads would look fine right where your Mom put them first...I see no need to take them outside...Especially since you don't like to go outside...

When will you get to sleep on your new pads...

Doesn't make sense to me...

Abby xxxooo

goldenshade said...

See, I am the opposite! I want then to go out so I can go too.

Dear Poo Poo, such a sweetie for trying to help out!

Great package you got! BTW

Purrs Shade and Goldie

Parker said...

PooPoo is a great cat for being so willing to help!

Rambo said...

What! You mean they bought those nice pads for themselves??? Did you at least get a nice sniff in and leave your hair all over them?
Too bad your Poo Poo plan didn't work. Maybe next time.


Pedro said...


Guess you can always count on PooPoo to do what she does best! My mom had to clean up a little cat poo today... also a little cate puke... I guess someone wasn't feeling too well last night. Mom's hoping it wasn't Libby.


PB & J said...

Well, it sounded like a good plan - maybe your mom found out about it and that's why she whisked the cushions!

Deetz said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you
I took a newer picture of Gizmo for you and your mummy. It was a good picture and she knew you would enjoy it alot

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

I think having PooPoo do her thing in the cushions is a great idea! Darn that your mommy moved it. Does the patio have lotsa nice windows?? Maybe once you go out and enjoy the fresh air you won't be so scared any more.

Be careful you can't scratch thru the screens tho.

Asta said...

Poopoo looks up to the task, too bad thewe wasn't time..couldn't youw pawents scween in the patio so you could safely join them out thewe??
you should nevew be alone
smoochie kisses

Gus and Louie said...

You guys need to get over your fear so you can spend all your time with Mom and Dad..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus and Louie