Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dr. Phil, Can You Please Help Us?

My mom is at her wit's end with PooPoo. Mom spent hundreds of dollars last week to get PooPoo cleaned up, and glamorized, and we are now back to the same stinky PooPoo problem, just one week later!!

Even with almost no furs, she manages to get poop stuck to her! We don't know what to do. PooPoo is such a mean cat hissing and swatting all the time, that mom can't help her. Mom bought her a brand new nip pillow to calm her down, and it still did not help.

Here is an example of the stink we have to deal with......yep, that is a big piece of poop stuck to her tail!

Does anyone in the blogosphere have any suggestions? We think PooPoo needs some professional help. It is like she is mad at the world. Dr. Phil, can you help us?

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Marie said...

Jelly been is very like my cat!

Have a nice evening!

Daisy said...

Poor PooPoo! Is her poop especially sticky? Maybe a change in diet would help? I have heard that Feliway can help to calm cats down. Or as a last resort, there are medications, too.

SophieKitty said...

Awww. I agree with Daisy. Maybe she needs more fiber to firm up her poops. I'd talk to the V-E-T.

Anonymous said...

Excuse us for amoment JB ... Mom, stop laughing! This is serious. No really, stop it.

We agree with Daisy, you should consult the vet about a change in diet. Perhaps some lab tests would be in order.

Poor PooPoo.

JB's Big World said...

Thanks all for your comments. Poopoo just had full bloodwork done and all was really good for her age. My mom thinks that maybe she eats too many Temptations, or other food. She always snarfs up food when me or my sister Misty are around. She is very jealous, mean, and spitefu. We will probably call the vet this week to see what he can suggest.

Mickey said...

Hi JB! Sorry to be so late,Mom was so busy,she would not help me!! Imagine that,humph!!!!!!!
Anyway, I am glad you found out that I gave you an award :)
As for PooPoo, I do not have any useful info.My poop is too hard so I have to tack Lactulose to keep me regular. Aren't you glad I told you that ? Hahahaha

Purrs Mickey

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Poor PooPoo. I hope there's a solution for her and she'll be better

~ Girl girl

4xBs said...

we're sorry about PooPoo's poop problems. we don't know anything about cats or why they want to get so much poop on themselves. pawsonally, we find that just a little bit gross. she kind of does have any angry face. maybe we should come talk to her.


MedaM said...

Poor PooPoo really looks bad on the photos. I am sorry that I don’t have any idea how to help but I am sure that the vet will work out the problem.

Lorianna said...

Poor Poo Poo! Maybe she is not finishing her "business" in the box and is jumping out to soon? Or, she might have arthritis in her hips that makes it painful to clean herself and just generally makes her cranky. Daisy could be right about the food. I think that certain kinds of canned food can make poo sticky. We have scissors just for Billie to snip away that yucky stuff and it usually takes two to do it. I hold her and Dad snips. ( If he holds her she squeals.) I hope you figure this out. Billie has been poo free for quite a while now. I don't know why, but we are glad.
Hugs and Purrs,

Tybalt said...

Poor PooPoo! JB, I'm sorry to say that I have absolutely no advice that I can give you on helping her with her problem.


I am so glad ya finally made it. You are so cute. Excuse me if I don't act righ -- me never been around a cat before.

But I think I love ya already and be afraid of mice and I'm not with you around to protect us.

Love Mona

Shelby said...

Oh poor PooPoo and poor you guys also

Artsy Catsy said...

Oh, poor little PooPoo! I think Daisy's suggestion of Feliway is good, and you could also try Bach's Rescue Remedy to help calm her down - you can get it in health food stores.

And thanks for being in our very first Carnival of the Cats yesterday!

(& mom Sharolyn)

Simba said...

ewwwww, ewwwwwww, cut the tail off that might help.

Simba xx

PerfectTosca said...

Hi JB you are very Purrrrrty. I am Daisy's NOMSSF. That means Not of My Species Special Friend! I am a GOOD kitty doggie!

goldenshade said...

Oh PooPoo. What to do for poor PooPoo?

It's like she found the last floof and stuck poop to it.

It may just be an elderly bowel problem, I'd look into the new food approach but she may change in to "Devil Cat" with a change in food, I don't know.


Sunny's Mommy said...

I have no idea. But that is a real problem. I think the V E T would have noticed if she has arthritis. I hope your Mom was able to get some helpful information from the V E T when she called.

Angel said...

What a cool bed!

Beetle said...

Oh my! We had similar with our cat recently and she does suffer with arthritis, making it hard for her to balance well I expect. Our Livvie got a paw full of it and I got it all over me when I picked her up eeeuck!

Tun Tun said...

mew poor Miss Poo. My Mummy and I wuv Miss Poo. My Mummy is an animal communicator and I am going to get her to talk to Miss Poo to try and help her. We know Miss Poo doesn't like being soiled.

Thank you Tun for saying that. This is 'Nique, Tun Tun's Mummy. I will certainly speak with Miss Poo Poo and email her Mummy.

Snowball said...

Poor Poo Poo. I thought it might solve the problem if she could be trained to poo into the toilet bowl directly but If she has arthritis the I dun think that its a good idea.

Have Tun Tun's mum email you? What did she say. I wonder how a pet communicator speak to the animal from a distance.