Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Where is PooPoo?

Where is PooPoo?

She is still under a bed upstairs and does not want to come out!

She is mad and holding a grudge still from when mom was gone for a week! She has hissy fits and swats at mom when mom tries to comfort her. She is a pissy girl! Personally, I think she has a screw loose!


Benjamin Fuzz said...

i bet poopoo knows just how guilty she can make your mom feel.

while she's hogging the camera, how are you doing?


*ahem...miss jelly bean, might you consider being my valentine?

Tybalt said...

When my mommy left me for a few days, I tried pouting like that with her when she got back. It didn't even last a whole day, though. When it was bedtime, I got on top of her and PURRED and PURRED and PURRED to let her know how happy I was that she was back!

Daisy said...

Poor PooPoo! Maybe if you tighten up her loose screw she will feel better?

Lorianna said...

When Cricket is angry she makes puddles. She'll come around on her own terms. :) Some kitties are just more stubborn than others. She is very pretty though. Have a happy day JB.
Love and Purrs,

Parker said...

This sounds like my little sister. Powder can lay a pout on for days!!!

Anonymous said...

PooPoo has her skirt on her shoulders and is teaching Mom a lesson. Poor PooPoo.

MoMo said...

I don't like it when SS goes away and let her know when she comes back by being aloof for a few hours but I never hiss or swat.

PooPoo, relax! JB may just get ALL the attention if you keep like that.

SophieKitty said...

PooPoo, give it up. I think everyone gets her point. Just think about all the cuddles and treats you're missing out on.

Benjamin Fuzz said...

jelly bean, i'm very honored that you will be my valentine!

from the very first time i saw you i have thought you are very beautiful. i am such a lucky mancat to be valentines with you.


TheGirls said...

Oh no! Well...Moses sure can hold a grudge...Emmy too a little bit, but Bear is like, whatever! So layed back! We could all take a lesson from Bear!

I hope her attitude changes soon :)

Tamra Maew said...

Nice to meet you Jelly Bean. My servants used to have a cat who would hit them when they would get home late and then take off in a corner, must be the same family as poo poo.


Kaz's Cats said...

PooPoo, you need to take a "chill pill" baby - just relax and take it easy - after all, while you're under the bed, who's the cat getting all the attention??

Think about it...


Gypsy & Tasha