Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Patient and Tolerant Mom

I am starting to feel a little sad for my sister, PooPoo. She did not have a Valentine like I did, and she seems to be so upset all the time. She has been camping out in the bedroom upstairs where she hides under the bed a lot. It smells really bad in that room!

We like to sit on tissue paper a lot at my house, so mom gave PooPoo some hot pink tissue for Valentine's Day. She liked it a lot. PooPoo also has two kitty beds mom gave her to sleep in.

I think PooPoo is just embarassed of how stinky she is. She lays under the bed and somehow gets small bits of poop stuck all over her body. She tries to clean herself, but maybe she just gets frustrated because cleaning it is such a big job for her.

PooPoo has a brush that she has had a long time. It is her favorite brush. She likes to rub her neck, ears, and face against it.

You can see how dirty her furs are in the brush. When mom tries to make PooPoo feel better, she asks her "You wanna brush?" PooPoo purrs and purrs for a while getting brushed, but then gets irritated and swats at mom again.

PooPoo will be 14 sometime in July. She has always been a pissy girl. Mom is a very patient and tolerant mom. I think PooPoo loves our mom.....but it is very hard to tell!


Anonymous said...

Aww, poor PooPoo. We feel bad for her! We will start purring for not to be stinky anymore.

Daisy said...

Poor PooPoo! I am sure she wishes she was not smelly. It must be hard to have so much floofiness to keep clean.

Sabrina, Sam and Simon said...

PooPoo is too pretty to be stinky! And you are very pretty to, JB as well as your sister Misty. Nice to meet you all!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon

Lorianna said...

Poo Poo is a lot like Billie! We are constantly chasing her down to clean her up and groom her. We started grooming her right away when she was a kitten, but she has always hated it, no matter how gentle we are. She has scratched me and my husband up badly, but we still love her. We were told to take her to a grooming place that will drug the cat, but I could never do that to her. So we cut off the knots and stinky stuff and endure her wrath. :) She will be 14 in July and overall she's a sweet kitty. Have a good weekend with your sisters JB. I hope Poo Poo cheers up.
Love and Purrs,

goldenshade said...

I feel sorry for PooPoo too. Maybe her sense of smell has gone. The PM had a cat that lost her hearing around that age so maybe she doesn't know she's that bad. I think all that licking just gets tiring.

Nice tissue paper.

You have a great Mom!!!!!!


DaisyMae Maus said...

Poor PooPoo ... Dingleberries aren't any fun. Perhaps your momma might get her some bath wipes? Cocoa Puff loves his an' they make him fresh-smelling.

Mickey said...

Poor PooPoo. Maybe she needs a big trim back there,heehee
I love getting brushed too. If I see the brush, I get all excited and cry for it :)
Purrs Mickey

Benjamin Fuzz said...

poor poopoo. it's good that your mom is patient with her. maybe it's time for a new brush...and a session with some very gentle scissoring to take away the parts that are so hard to clean. mom sometimes does that for me. i love it, and strut around looking (and feeling) extra handsome.


Sunny's Mommy said...

It sounds like PooPoo needs some help with her grooming. Maybe it is time for another buzz cut, or your Mom could trim some of the fluff off her rear end.

I have a p*ssy girl, too - Rascal. Most of the times she's very sweet to me and her Daddy, but she has her limits. She's hardly ever nice to the other cats, been that way since we got the third one :( She was much better when it was only her and one other cat.

Andrea said...

I think this one is one of the more beautiful cats I ever seen...


Gattina said...

Thanks for presenting me PooPoo, lol ! but Kim is another case. She takes very well care of herself but her little tongue is not enough for all that fur. She doesn't smell bad at all but is very unhappy with the knots and even pulls them out.

Tun Tun said...

Miss PooPoo so gorgeous! MEW!!! And we have the same brush! Hard sometimes to keep up with so much fur. And sometimes, sshh, a truffle will get stuck in my Tun Tun tush and Mummy has to take care of it for me but how I hate THAT!!!!

Hana said...

Ah ok! So PooPoo gets yucky butt! Now I understand why she needed a trim! I betcha she likes her trim because she feels lighter and fresher.