Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Getting Ready to be a Lion!

Yesterday, Poopoo had to go to Dr. Staph's to get her check-up. I took a look through the holes in the traveling box to sniff her out a little. I was glad I was not going!

Then I decided I was a little too close to that box, so I should observe from afar!

PooPoo was scared at the Dr. Staph's office, just like I was! Here she is hiding her face in mom's arms just like I did! Funny how she does not claw and hiss at mom now!

She had to get her blood stolen so it could be tested for the big day on Wednesday. She is 14, so this is to make sure she will be safe with the sedation. Mom worries about the sedation. Here the vet tech is holding her up so mom could take a "before" shot. I want to add that this is in no way a Glamour Shot!

Wednesday is the day she will get her Lion Cut! She won't be stinky any more!

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Benjamin Fuzz said...

hi jb! thinking about you today! nuzzle and snuggle.

poopoo, after you get over being cold, you'll like your lion cut! i've had two of them, and they've made my life so much better!

here's a link to a blog entry last year to see me freshly sheared.



ps mom has worked very hard this year to keep me smooth and clean. sometimes this means some cleaning that i don't enjoy (my bottom area gets messy sometimes). still, it's worth it to not have another one. i'm warm and toasty this winter.

Tybalt said...

Poor Poopoo. Hang in there! I'm purring for you.

Daisy said...

JB, you are very smart to watch from afar. Just in case!

PooPoo, do not be sad. I'll bet you will look very fashionable with your new hairdo!

Snowball said...

A lion cut for Poo Poo? Why? Why? Why? She look so pretty now. Can she not have her hair cut?


Lorianna said...

It will be ok Poo Poo. I'm sure being stinky is no fun for her either. Billie gets very angry with us for cleaning and cutting away the stinky ick, but then she seems happier to not be smelly and to be able to sit on the furniture or my lap. I will keep Poo Poo in my thoughts for a successful fur cut. (Whisper; JB, try not to laugh.) :)
Love and Purrs,

goldenshade said...

Oh PooPoo, it will get better. After all this is done you won't believe how good you'll feel. That's what they tell me as I am probably going to get a wee clip too soon to get rid of the mats.


The Furry Kids said...

Poo Poo, sometimes a good haircut makes you feel so much better! At least that's what Momma says.


Anonymous said...

After today, maybe they can bestow a more dignified name to poor little PooPoo.

We like the Halle Barre look PooPoo!

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...


This is our first time visiting. Oh, PooPoo is so pretty with her hair. Why does she has to gor a hair cut?

Boy n Baby

SophieKitty said...

JB you crack me up...watching from afar.

Sorry you had a bad day PooPoo. But you will feel like a new wo-mancat after your haircut.

3 Cat Blog said...

lol @ observing from afar...

Oh PooPoo ... we hope you're okay :) :) :)

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Poor PooPoo. She sure is brave at the Vet. That's clever of you to observe her from afar. JB

~ Girl girl

michico*Adan said...

Good luck on Lion cut~!!!
I hope it will help feel freely.

Simba said...

Stay well away from the box, you could be next.

Simba x

Parker said...

HaHa JB - Watching from afar!
Poor PooPoo! Tis the season, Rudy goes tomorrow for his grooming. I think we should start a club!

Nermal, Nico, Virgil, and Maggie said...

PooPoo is a trooper! Nobody here likes a visit to the vet. We can't wait to see her lion cut!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

ha ha ha JB, smart watching from afar.

Poo Poo, you're very brave going to the vet and not hissing and you'll be so happy after your cut. Do you have a warm sweater to wear after? We're sending you good thoughts.

I hope you had good dreams under that gas. I like the pink hippos I see.

Sunny's Mommy said...

Good luck to you today, PooPoo. I'm sorry you're getting the lion cut, but it really will be good for you. I hope you're back home soon.

Mickey said...

PooPoo, your floofy furs will grow back. You will have company,as Zoey (Zoolatry) already had this done ;)
Stay warm :)
Purrs Mickey

Andrée said...

Poor Poopoo! My Mousie has those problems. Can't brush her because of her bad temper. Occasionally lion cut. but lately we've been doing better. I hope it goes well (went well) today!